Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas in an Independent Baptist Church his whole life and was baptized at a young age. At the age of 12 while playing football at school my head hit the ground and I began to have seizures. After undergoing tests and studies I found it to truly be a gift from the Lord. Throughout these years I’ve been able to witness to many people, doctors, patients, their families, and staff. That’s what I mean about a gift even though it hasn’t always been enjoyable. His father moved their family to South Fort Worth Baptist Temple under Pastor Mickey Hollars at the age of 14. There, God started letting him see the emptiness he had inside. I realized I had never asked Christ to be my Saviour so as a young man I decided to and I was scripturally baptized. In 1992 the Lord burdened my heart with a call to preach of which I tried to get away from but one thing I knew was running from God only leads to emptiness and heartache. I surrendered to do whatever God had for me. I met Kelly in the Youth Department at South Fort Worth Baptist Temple, went to Temple Baptist College, and we married in 1998 under Pastor Hollars.

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