Please enjoy our 2017 Year In Review Video. The Lord was good to our church in 2017 and we are looking forward to all He has planned in 2018!

2017 "Jesus Only" Praises:

3 Salvations
2 Rededications
5 Baptisms
1 New Missionary Family Supported
8 Guest Missionaries and Preachers
92 Visitors
17 New and Returning Members and Regular Attenders Added
High Attendance Days of 54, 37, and 40
New Ministries/Events: Couple’s, Ladies Meetings, Fellowships, Youth Rallies, VBS
16 of 20 goals accomplished (80 % completed)
2 Church Work Days (Sunday School Wing, Baptism Changing Rooms, Fellowship Hall, and Storage Rooms Cleaned/Reorganized, Baptistry Cleaned, New Parking Signs Installed, and Church Sign Painted)
Other’s Offering Received Each Month, 19 People and Families Helped
2017 Giving exceeded projections
2017 Missions Giving exceeded projections

2018 Vision:

Dear Members and Friends of Faith,

What a wonderful year in 2017 that the Lord allowed us to experience.  I believe both our church and each of us have grown in our relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as we have learned to share "Jesus Only" with those around us!  The trials and blessings of 2017 will forever be in our hearts as we thank the Lord for another blessed year!

As we enter a new year we will enter new challenges and opportunities.  No one can say for sure what 2018 will hold for us, but this one thing is sure: God will be with us!  With God being for us, then who can be against us?  This brings us to our new theme for the coming year. This year on Sunday, February 25th our church will celebrate our 30th Anniversary.

As I look back over the history of this church, I cannot help but think of the faith that was exhibited in those early days as Faith grew into a Strong, Solid, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church. As we think about and look back over the last 30 years, my prayer for each of us is that God would challenge us to increase our faith as we embrace our theme, “Great Faith.”

We saw the Lord do some great things in our church last year. Now, it would be very easy to rest in those blessings but I don't believe that is what God would have us to do. I think we are primed and ready to accomplish more for Him and His kingdom… more than ever before!  To do this we are going to need to grow in our faith!

When we practice faith, there is nothing impossible with God.  God loves it when we have faith (Hebrews 11:6).  It is faith and grace that saves us, and it is faith that grows us.  This year we are going on a journey of Great Faith!  Will you join us?  Will you take on the challenge to do something more for Jesus in 2018?  It will take a step of faith, but this year let’s show our faith by our works and trust our Lord to empower us to do even more!

  • By faith do something more in 2018 than you did in 2017.  You can give more, read your Bible more, pray more, serve in a new ministry, go on outreach, attend consistently, visit the sick and elderly, or anything else that increases your faith as well as shows your faith.  This is the year to do more!

By faith we need to purchase a church van!  Will you be a part of this effort?

By faith we need to begin a Youth Ministry to reach the young people of Cushing, to give them a safe haven from the influences of the world.

By faith we need to increase our monthly offerings - General and Missions.

By faith we need to continue our Other's Offering and begin giving to our Anniversary Offering and begin praying about a Building Improvements Offering for 2019.

By faith, you have one… or bring one!  Just think what God could do if every family brought a guest to church in 2018!

By faith we need to keep on for God, when times are great or when times are not. When experiencing God’s blessings or burdens, we must keep on! Stand firm!

In Christ,
Pastor Nacci

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