Vision 350 2019

Dear Friends of Faith!

In 2018, we spent some time as a church reflecting on the 30 years of ministry that has occurred here at Faith Baptist Church. In that time a vision became a reality that has touched many lives over the course of three decades. Last year was a celebration of Great Faith in a Great God, and what a great God He is! It was a year where, while we saw many wonderful things, it was also a trying year, (and a year where if it could go wrong, it seemingly did), for many in our church and as a result, our church was affected as a result. From visitors, salvations, baptisms, additions, and outreach to sickness, death, moves, and folks leaving the church for various reasons it would be very easy for us to simply say it’s not worth it anymore, to throw in the towel, or compromise the teachings of the Bible, and turn our church into more of an entertainment center than a church in order to draw a crowd. However, I don’t believe that is what God would have us to do. We still serve the same GREAT God that has blessed our church in the past and I have no reasons to believe He won’t bless again!

Now, in many respects, 2019 will be a year of new beginnings and starting over for our church. That means a renewed commitment from each of us to witness more, serve more, give more, and find ourselves faithful more and in some cases for some to simply START witnessing, serving, and giving like we ought to. I’ve often said it before and I still believe, we don’t need a mega church or a lot of people in order to be the church God would have us to be and take care of things here in Cushing, OK and beyond. God has given us the people we need at the time we need them. We just need to be faithful in what He expects of us and has called us to do! For that to continue into the coming years we must continue to have the same vision, be willing to make similar sacrifices, and give the same kind of effort that those who were here before us did. In many ways we are living and enjoying the fruit of other men’s labors and my encouragement to us this year is for us to invest, have a vision (Proverbs 29:18) for the future, so that a future generation can be blessed by the ministry of Faith Baptist Church in the future. And as we do, may we do so with faith that it will happen (Matthew 13:53-58) and patience to wait on the Lord and it’s appointed time (Habakkuk 2:3)!

Vision 350: Goals for Our 35th and 50th Anniversary

Missions and Outreach:

Host yearly Missions Conference and Revival
35 supported Missionaries by 35th Anniversary
50 supported Missionaries by 50th Anniversary
Host VBS and Youth Rally each year
Van Routes – City, Rural, Drumright, and Perkins
Every home in Cushing a copy of John and Romans by 35th Anniversary
Every home in Cushing a copy of the King James Bible by 50th Anniversary
Community Involvement – Parades, Fairs, etc.
Fellowship opportunities each quarter of the year
Build Outreach, Youth, and Music Programs, leaders to oversee these Ministries


Remodel Church Building (Paint, New Carpet, Etc.)
Multipurpose Building (Fellowship Hall, Classrooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Missions House)
New Church Sign
Continued upkeep of church property
Vision Offering first Wednesday of each month
Seek to build a surplus for the future in General and Missions


35 Visitors each year leading up to 35th Anniversary
50 Visitors each year leading up to 50th Anniversary (After 35th)
35 Salvations, Baptisms, and Disciples by 35th Anniversary – Each One, Reach One!
50 Salvations, Baptisms, and Disciples by 50th Anniversary – Each One, Reach One!
Regular Attendance of 35 by 35th Anniversary
Regular Attendance of 50 by 50th Anniversary
Youth Attendance of 35 by 35th Anniversary
Youth Attendance of 50 by 50th Anniversary
100 % Sunday School attendance each week

2018: Great Faith…

3 Salvations
3 Baptisms
2 Rededications
21 Guest Missionaries and Preachers
41 Visitors
High Attendance Day of 65
2 Church Work Days (Cushing Pride Cleanup Began and General Church Upkeep)
$328.31 Other’s Offering Received | 13 People and Families Helped: $328.28
Achieved or Exceeded Missions Giving Goal: 9 of 12 Months in 2018

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Robert Nacci
II Corinthians 15:57-58

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